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No matter the legal challenges, our law firm is here to help you pursue justice. Whether you have been injured in a car accident or have been charged with a crime, we will work with you to seek a favorable outcome. Reach out to us to set up your free consultation.

Fight Criminal Charges

A criminal conviction can mean the loss of your freedom as well as a damaged reputation. Our criminal defense attorneys at Lilley & O'Connell, P.A. are prepared to build a strong strategy to combat your charges and help you strive for freedom.

Seek Peace After Wrongful Death

After losing a loved one in a case of wrongful death, it's normal to feel overwhelmed and angry. However, you don't have to face your problems alone. When you're ready to seek justice on a decedent's behalf, turn to us for skilled legal representation.

Hold Medical Professionals Accountable

Your health care provider has a duty to provide you with the highest quality of care. If their mistake caused you serious harm, you deserve a chance at compensation. Tell us if you were hurt in surgery or wrongfully diagnosed in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

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It can be hard to face your peers after being charged with a crime. With us as your criminal defense attorneys, rest assured that your legal team has your best interests in mind. We're prepared to fight for your freedom and protect your good name. Whether you have been arrested in Las Cruces for a violent crime like assault or murder, or have been charged with robbery or a DUI, you can trust us to be your dedicated advocates from start to finish.

A personal injury can not only harm you physically, but the damages can hurt you emotionally and financially. At Lilley & O'Connell, P.A., we are committed to representing those who have fallen victim to an injury after someone acted negligently. We also work with clients in their cases of medical malpractice. Reach out to us today in Las Cruces, New Mexico, to set up your free consultation. We're ready to help you start moving forward.